We are serving Asian fusion food when we first open our doors to the old town Pasadena area. but we always feel like we should bring the traditional chinese/taiwanese Cuisine which is really missing in this area and also thats the food that we really love to eat everyday.so we finally decided that we have to remove some of the popular items on the menu, and focus on what we really want to bring to you. sorry for those people that like our burgers, oxtail chili fries and etc. we are bring more delicious food to this community. please keep supporting us .

Lin 2014.12.3

Our menu is innovative and ever changing, featuring a gourmet blend of familiarity and exotic flavors from the Far East.  But don’t take our word for it, check out what our customers say on Yelp:

  • “A delicious and appetizing NEW Asian-fusion restaurant that finally took my taste buds to another level! I was getting tired of all the typical Asian restaurants so I’m definitely going back to try the rest of the menu and I cannot wait!” –  Nancy, L. from Rosemead, CA (on Yelp)

  • “WOW! We were hungry but we had to slowly eat every dish we ordered just to savor every bite and bits of each one of them. The Chefs, the preparations & presentations, and specially the medley it performed on our taste buds made this our new favorite restaurant… I cannot even begin to describe each taste because it is something you and your buds need to experience for yourselves!” – Nio S. from Torrance, CA (on Yelp)

  • “Filipino Scotch Egg, Oxtail Chili Fries and Deviled Crab Toast… It was an Asian Fusion heaven!  Everything sounded good on the menu so we had a hard time deciding on what to eat… but everything we picked was delicious and now I am super curious to try the other dishes!” – Lisa Y. from La Crescenta-Montrose, CA (on Yelp)

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